About us

13680686_843562535774849_4861183254160512340_nTime indeed flies fast when you do what you love.

I have been doing wedding planning and coordination for a decade already. In 2 years, I will be turning 40 and I have been asking myself: Will I still be doing the same thing when I reach that age? By then, would have I given my best and my all?

I am blessed to live my passion every day. This time, I am taking a big leap towards competing with myself. I want to leave a mark by doing something huge — something that will have a greater impact… something that will challenge me more… something that I have not tried before.

I am now ready to widen my horizons by taking in projects apart from weddings.

I am JAC RUMUSUD-OEBANDA and I am excited to share this big leap with you. Join me and THE EVENTS PROJECT in